Print journalism

A bright-eyed journalism student with a passion for writing, I deep-dived into the sea of print journalism with an internship at Hindustan Times, a leading print daily in India.

The organization and my mentors really pushed me to pursue my own news stories, giving me the freedom to plan my own day – visiting homeless shelters, environmental protests, interacting with incoming college aspirants, or even talking to student entrepreneurs. I got a chance to see different parts of my own city from a new perspective, reporting on stories from the ground up.

I successfully published 11 news stories, and also got featured in news updates on the front page. Although I’m no longer a practising journalist, I still remember the feeling of waking up to see my name listed under an article in the newspaper. And of course, nothing compares to the elation of my grandfather, who would keep a small cutting of every article of mine that got published 🙂