Proofreading & feature writing

Fresh out of school, I started freelancing for Unifiers, a social venture that invests in vocational training and education, and creating employment opportunities.

This was the first time that I recognized and monetized my language skills to proofread and edit their vocational training textbooks, which were published for both skill trainers and students. This was my introduction to the world of local and educational publishing. With a very small in-office team and a few freelance authors and editors that they worked with, their workflow was quite simplified – from creating a book pitch with a rough overview of the topic and chapters, to writing the content, proofreading and editing it, and publishing the book.

Later in my journey at Unifiers, I was also involved in creating a book pitch for a vocational training career guide across different levels of minimum education. I also honed my writing skills by writing feature articles for their magazine Skilled, which came in really handy during my internships at leading news organizations in Delhi.