I realised the importance of SEO many years ago when I created the first version of my website and tried to search for it on Google and see where it came up in the list. As a content writer, I frequently read about SEO practices and implement them across my web-content career, whether it’s writing and editing company blogs or writing webpage content.

In my internship at Eurail, I not only edit and update web content using Adobe Experience manager but also update webpage properties to follow optimal SEO practices for search engines and social media. I also edit magazine articles for SEO, readability, grammar, and style. Currently, I have edited seven articles about local tips for popular destinations across Europe.

How To Eat Like A Local In Europe
Where The Locals Go In Vienna
Where The Locals Go In The Hague
Where The Locals Go In Manchester
Where The Locals Go In Bucharest
Where The Locals Go In Malmö
Where The Locals Go In Bern

Prior to this, I undertook an SEO revamp of VTubing and avatar social media app Hyper Online’s “How to” guides, bringing their average SEO score from 50 to 90/100. I also edited them for readability, grammar, and style, and explained technical concepts in a simple and easy to understand manner for their target audience.

Start Vtubing on your Phone with Hyper Online
Use VRM files to start VTubing on Hyper
Live-streaming with avatars and vtubers using OBS
Setting up VTuber Collab Streams with Hyper Online
Sending Hyper Lives and Posts to your Discord with Webhooks
iPhone to PC Mirroring Guide for VTubers
Hyper’s VRM Optimization Guide for VTubers