Chasing Dreams

Chasing dreams.
A light shone upon her face and brought to notice the minutest of crevices
The years had slowly gone by but her heart was just as young as it once was
She lifted her head, only to realize the smoke of the day that blew away her past memories
A tear dropped on my swollen cheek as I looked back into the mirror
My head was in her lap, as she once again sang a lullaby frozen in time

And there, they started the chants again, praying that this lost bird finds her home
As I stood there, eyes closed, lips quivering, waiting, just waiting
Waiting to catch the dreams that had flown away

I know she’s still here, I believe it
I see my head in her lap and her soft, wrinkled hands… I see her

Roses upon her slender frame and a diamond in her mouth
I watch as they begin to take her away and a tear drops again

I know she’s still here, I believe it.


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