Have you ever pinned your hopes on something,
This one thing that you just wished would work out all along
That destiny would have in store for you a recreation
Of that exact scene that you see in your mind
When you close your eyes each time a tear drops by

When it doesn’t matter if all else around you fails
But even a hint of failure around that little something
Sends you spiraling down to an abyss of your own creation
Fueled by your own expectations
Run by your deepest insecurities
And held on by your desire; to think
That life must not all be so dark
That this is not the end, even if it feels like it is
That this is just a change in your journey
To reach that perfect life that you always imagined

Why must one have this ‘perfect life’?

Because it hurts so much to not have anything to live for
To know that when it feels like the end, it is
To know that life is just that dark
And that you’re just moving farther from that perfect life you imagined

And so I pray that we all forget this scene
Erase it slowly
Erode the edges
Slash through the center
And maybe once you’ve forgotten it
You’ll finally start to live the life you’re living
All else was just poor imagination


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