Little Sparrow

Stay near, little sparrow, for they might cut your flight
Caged within darkness, freedom lies.
Not your stolen feather nor your broken wing
Could ever ink your sky.
Stay close, for hunger is their disguise.

A show of flesh, a touch of skin and myriad voices rung by
Hunger gleams, eyes flutter, yet no one hears their cry.
Muttered words and hidden voices mar another sight
A fire is lit, a womb slit and ashes flow nearby.

Stay near, little sparrow, for even a misty dawn
Carries the legacy of a turbulent night
The treacherous rays of a burning sun will only burn your day
Fear, for if not, it’s not too far away.
Stay close, little one, let it not be today.

Remember remember, a soon forgotten tale
Unknown as it were, spoken of everyday.
A harbinger of hope yet ruthlessly torn away
The torment of the crouching dove, igniting only his lust
Remember remember, the hidden dragon had won.

Stay near, little sparrow, for clemency is not your right.
Every step taken, every breath drawn, every moment frozen in time,
The remnant of every soul beseeched from them
Is their largesse not their plight.
Hold true to my word and listen carefully child,
Stay close, forever or forever lose your light.

The sin of existence, perpetrated, may never be exculpated
For even Odysseus couldn’t touch the horizon of truth.
So, for the last time, I beg you my little one,
Stay near, for your journey is but futile
Stay close, my little sparrow, stay here, stay nigh…


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