Look inside your soul. Do you have it all figured out?
Look to the next five years. Can you make a mental picture of where exactly you’re going to be?
Feel your heartbeat. Can you predict each beat, each breath, each pulse?

What do you think when you think of the future?
Is it right there in front of you? Crystal clear and with each second played out, over and over again in your head.

Maybe not.

I wake up every morning, knowing that I love to write, yet not knowing the exact words I’m going to pen down by the end of the day. We all have a passion, a love for something. But, why does it have to be so clearly defined that it borders on prosaic? Why do we have to typecast ourselves into one subject, one genre, one commitment for the rest of our lives, not knowing what the rest of the world out there holds for us.

Every day when I board the train at 9, I see an array of people, going about their day, almost mechanically, as if they were reliving the same day stuck on a loop. Kind of like a cassette that gets stuck midway and stretches till the tape falls out or the sneeze that leaves your mouth open for longer than you like, that seems to come, come, and then just never comes. It’s almost as if their life’s purpose was fed to them and they believed it, living it every day without question. There, as I step into the haze, I see myself confused yet emboldened by the fact that I’m open to going with the flow, and against it.

So, here, amongst this craze of coming first in the job race and having your exact career planned out, I ask you to step aside for a minute and just be. Be, so that life can take you where you’re destined to be. And remember, maybe it’s a good thing that you don’t know the destination just yet.

You’ll get there one day.


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