I feel myself falling deeper into your thoughts
as you race through my mind and force me to shift perspectives
to a fabricated understanding of myself.
A mere mirage of being in control
that you seem to have orchestrated
leads me through winding alleys of this mind palace.
For here, there is no road not taken, and yet a blinding number of possibilities.

I try to get myself to wake up.

Wake up from this lucid dream where I am just another brick in the wall
to another narrative that you present for my gratification.
And yet it always seems to fall short of my own indulgences,
weaved about from the delicate threads of your id
as you move through me like a wave of current.

And now again you seem to eviscerate me
till I am nothing but a hollow shell that moves in acquiescence.
Building a constant debt inside of me that I can’t seem to fulfill without your being.

And slowly, you take over my core,
to surround the candle to my consciousness,
till alas, I no longer exist alone.


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