A few boats cross sight
Still, no diamonds on their masts

And yet, when the sun touches the horizon,
One never knows which one sinks

But still there’s faith
That the one with you and I won’t

The calmest of seas can stir up a storm
And then no shape, no flow, no form

Not a soul could cross the stone solicitous seas,
Had it not been for his boat in the crease

And so he sails,
With no home, no hope
Praying to the faint moon, the morning sun

May she hear his call,
And blow like the summer breeze.

Not a breath could reach his lips
If her faith could not be kissed

And so he sails till the end of time
To find what he’d lost
What once was mine

With his belief his only navigation
His faith, his only hope
Life, what he may not be able to experience again,
Still feels worth living for.

– Co-written by Anand Chowdhary


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