Sometimes I wonder,
How many more days till we reach a decision?

In 46 days, we went on our first date
3 days before, you got me our first piece of jewellery
3 days after, I think I started to fall in love

15 days later, you wrote about me for the first time,
You said you could see us being together forever
Little did we know then, that was just the beginning

11 days later, you asked me to be your romantic affiliation,
And I said, ‘Okay’.

2 days later, you told me you thought you loved me
Only I knew, you really did.

28 days more, and you kissed me for the first time,
The first of many more to come.

Every day afterwards, just became another excuse
To see you, to be with you,
And everyday since, that’s all we’ve ever done.

It’s been 1308 days since we’ve been together now
And 1308 days that I’ve loved you with all my heart.
It’s been 230 days since you moved away
And 231 days since you last held my hand.

It’s been 2 hours since I last cried
And 2 minutes since I last thought of you.

It’s only a matter of days now
But each second brings the thought back to my mind,

How many more days till we make a decision?
How many more days till we fall out of love?


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